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Project Detail

Regional Urban Development Project (RUDP) (RFP No. RUDP/DSC/BRT/2), LOAN 47252-002 NEP Design and Supervision Consultant for Biratnagar Sewerage, Roads, Drainage Works and Integrated Solid Waste Management Design


Project Description

Master Planning, Review of PPT A study Report, Topographical survey, Total Station Survey, alignment survey, traverses survey, Feasibility study, Soil Test and Geo -Technical Investigation, Financial and economic analysis(calculation IRR, EIRR, FIRR, Sensitive analysis) Feasibility study, detailed engineering survey, soil investigation, master planning, conceptual design, detailed architectural and engineering design, IEE/EIA, financial analysis (FSRR, AIFC, EIRR) Socio economic survey, preparation of detailed working drawing, cost estimates, BOQ, specification, ICB tender document preparation, bid evaluation, Preparation of Procurement plan, Implementation Schedule, Water quality monitoring, water treatment requirements identification, Detailed design drawings of Road, sewer system, road side drain, storm water drainage and Inception Report including Topographic Survey, Hydrological Survey, Geological Study, Hydro-geological/ Geo-technical Investigation, etc. of Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM). Perform economic and financial evaluation and recommend tariff in consultation with PIU/BMC, make ensure that the tariff will be sufficient to cover full operation and maintenance cost, system expansion cost and the capital cost required to pay back, Preparation of resettlement plan, Preparation of Grievance Redress Mechanism, Preparation of EMP and RAP, Preparation of GIS Mapping, Full time Project Management at PIU, Prepared standard construction management system PPMS with Project Implementation Unit (PIU),Biratnagar Metropolitan Cityto be followed by Contractor at construction sites. GESI Mainstreaming at PIU, Contract Management and administration and Submission of reports at design phase (Inception Report, Monthly and Quarterly progress report, interim report, Annual progress report, Draft Final report and Final Report).

Construction Supervision includes Quality Monitoring Environmental and Social Compliance Monitoring, Construction site Management and post construction monitoring. Submission of reports at supervision phase (Monthly and Quarterly progress report, Annual progress report, and Project completion Report), Assist PIU In matters related to project construction management and in post construction phase (DNP) of the sanitation and sewerage sub project, supplementary urban facilities.