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Welcome to the website of Building Design Authority, one of the largest engineering consultant firms in Nepal. We are nationally renowned for our professionalism and dedication at all levels of our practice.

Building Design Authority (P) Ltd. was established in 1974 as one of the pioneer Nepalese full time consulting firm employing on a full-time basis, well qualified and experienced Technical and Administrative staff. Since then, it is constantly providing its services to its valuable clients to their core satisfactions. Shouldering a noble goal towards the development of the nation, BDA is committed to providing quality consulting services by adopting international standards of practice, with total in-house expertise covering all professional activities in the field of Planning, Architecture, Engineering, Designing, Landscaping, Management and other development and interrelated activities. In order to realize social infrastructure and revenue-generating projects in the truest of terms, BDA views each project, in its own unique entity, and offers to resolve the available resources to the desired objectives. The Architectural and Engineering Services, therefore, is beyond what is understood per se and is in complement to the allied services of Business Plan, Equipment Planning, Manpower Planning, etc. Hence, it can be viewed comprehensively as Project Management towards a holistic realization of the Physical Manifestations at the site.

With many ups and downs in the past 4-decades of its establishment, BDA has successfully succeeded to establish itself as one of the largest and leading Engineering, Architectural firm in Nepal with a permanent full-time staff of more than 180 professionals, technicians and support staff. It can also call the services of a range of local and expatriate specialists, if and when certain projects require the services of a particular specialist. All the works related to and pertaining to Building & supervision of projects have been one of BDA's expertise activities, which occupy an important position in BDA's institutional development history. The completion of engineering and architectural projects of national importance during the last forty eventful years largely account for the success and reputation BDA has got till date.

With the help of dedicated in-house staff and experts as well as a pool of resource personnel, BDA can successfully establish its image in the architectural sector and engineering sector. It has not only rendered its services to the urban areas but also in rural and most remote areas ranging from convenient Terai Belt to difficult Far Western Development region. The successful past activities and involvement in these areas have become its strength in terms of understanding of different geographical locations of the country, general problems etc., which are instrumental in the execution of any kind of projects.

BDA today has achieved a significant recognition as a reputed firm having a strong workforce, a galaxy of experts, strict compliance to the projects undertaken, commitment and dedication. It continues to build on its reputation for excellence and quality service to the nation, earned over the past 40 years. Reshaped for better focus on the needs of its clients, the challenge remains to expand our client base while providing more customized services for individual clients.

The Firm today is nationally known for its professionalism and dedication at all levels of its practice. The personal involvement and input of the firm's principals, their sense of responsibility and dedication as well as that of their staff have permeated all projects and works they have carried out.