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Areas of Implementations (Planning/Detail Designs/Supervision)

Ø Architecture (Planning/Designing)

v Community facilities  

v Commercial facilities

v Industrial facilities

v Leisure facilities

v Academic facilities

Ø Renovation & Retrofitting

Ø Interior facilities (Interior design, drawings & supervision)

Ø Water supply and Sanitation

Ø Drainage (Storm/ Sewer)

Ø Roads (Rural/ low cost and Urban Roads and Highways)

Ø Solid Waste Management

Ø Irrigation (Farmers Managed Small Irrigation, Rapid Appraisal Training for Small Scale Irrigation Projects etc.)

Ø Environmental Engineering

Ø Municipal Engineering (Sanitation, Sewerage, etc)

Ø Survey Engineering (Topographical Survey Quantity Survey etc.)

Ø Soil Engineering and Testing for Economic Foundation Determination

Ø Structural Engineering

Ø Seismic Engineering and its Application

Ø Costing, Analysis and Control

Ø Hydropower, Transmission and Distribution System Development

Ø Electrical and Mechanical Engineering works   

Ø Cultural Heritage Conservation

Ø Project Review and assessment

Ø Valuation

Areas of Studies:


Ø Economic Feasibilities and Pre Investment Studies

Ø Project Planning

Ø Research and Development Planning and programs

Ø Strategic Planning

Ø Technical Appraisal Studies

Ø Applied Research and Field Studies Related to Building and Engineering Management

Ø Environmental Impact Assessment

Ø Socio Economic Impact and Evaluation

Ø Material Evaluation and Analysis

Ø Documentation

Ø Gender equality and social inclusion (GESI), Community awareness and participation (CAP), all kind of social/ technical trainings etc.



Ø Construction and Construction Supervision Management

Ø Facilities Management

Ø Maintenance Management

Ø Project Management

Ø Property Management

Ø Quality Assurance Management

Ø Operation Management

Ø Project Commissioning

Ø Project Coordination