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Project Detail

Construction Supervision for Regional Urban Development Project (RUDP), Drainage, Roads, Footpath, Road Furniture, By Pass Road, Bus Bays works for Birgunj Metropolitan City. ADB Loan No. 3566-NEP (SF) and for remaining works of Integrated Solid Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment Plant of Secondary Towns Integrated Urban Environmental Improvement Project (STIUEIP)


Project Description

Assist the Municipality (Birgunj Metropolitan City) in (i) Supervising overall project implementation and management, (ii) Construction management of the subprojects i.e. improvement and development of drainage systems; and improvement of urban roads and lanes, (iii) Ensuring proper monitoring of project activities, and (iv) preparing specific operation and maintenance plans for subprojects (v) Design of additional roads and drainage projects and design review of roads and drainage and integrated solid waste management project (vi) Updating of Resettlement Plan and Maintenance of Grievance Redress Mechanism (vii) Preparation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) (Viii) Trainings for institutional strengthening and capacity development of the municipality (Birgunj Metropolitan City) in the following areas: project management and operation; institutional support under capacity development for strengthening and establishing units responsible for sewerage! drainage; Project Management; GESI Mainstreaming at PIU; Contract Management and administration; Construction Supervision includes quality monitoring; environmental and Social Compliance monitoring; On the job training to community, Construction site Management; (ix) Submission of reports at supervision phases (Inception Report, Monthly and Quarterly progress report, interim report, Annual progress report, Draft Final Report and Final Report, Project Completion Report) (ix) Assist PIU in matters related to Project Construction Management and in Post-Construction Phase: Defect Notification Period (DNP) and (x) Operation and Maintenance of Roads, Storm Drains, Side Service Drains, Integrated Solid Waste Management (Landfill Site) System, sanitation and sewerage sub- project.