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Public College Building of B.P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Ghopa, Dharan

Assignment Name :
Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Public College Building of B.P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Ghopa, Dharan
Approx Value of the contract : NRs.2,300,000.00
Country : Nepal
Location within Country : Ghopa, Dharan
Duration of Assignment : 44 months
Name of Client :
B.P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS)
Total No. of person-month of the assignment : 50
Address : Ghopa, Dharan Approx value of the service provided by your firm under the contract : NRs.158,374,269.07
Start Date : August 2010
Completion Date : April 2014
No. of Professional person - months provided by the joint venture partners or the Sub-Consultants :
Name of Joint Venture partner or sub - Consultants, If Anu:
Narrative Description of Project :

The proposed Public college building is located in Ghopa, Dharan, Sunsari district, Koshi zone of Nepal. The site area is 10152 sq.m. The proposed college complex is divided into 3 blocks. Block A is the Lab block and is located at the front portion whereas the (Block B) Lecture Theatre Block and Common Toilet Block are located at the farther end of the site and connected with a covered pathway/link. The total plinth area including block A, block B, toilet block and covered pathways is 3911.49 sq .m. The remaining portion of the land is left for circulation, parking, landscaping and plazas. The building envelop is designed to respond to the climatic condition of the place. The use of cantilever top projection with drop down slab acts as a sun shading device for the windows.  The overall building exhibits a combination of composite aluminum panels and textured surface punctured with different patterns and forms of openings. The clarity of form, simplicity and well-structured facades help create an aesthetic experience that harmonizes with the surrounding built structures. The functional areas in block A comprises of practical laboratories, dissection hall, multifunctional/examination hall, library/conference hall. Block B constitutes of 4 large lecture theatres, each with a capacity of 200 students, a large hallway along with store and preparation rooms.

Description of Actual Services Provided in the assignment :

The Scope of services include Detailed topographical survey, geological investigations, conceptual designs,Seismic Vulnerability assessment, detailed architectural planning and design, detail working drawings including architecture, structural, electrical, sanitary/ plumbing/ water supply, telecommunication, sewerage system, HVAC design, interior design, procurement of office equipment and furniture, acequestic design in multifunctional conference hall & landscape designs. The service provided also includes preparation of Detail Project Report (DPR), Bill of quantities, Cost Estimates, Specifications, Tender & Contract documents and Construction Supervision along with the evaluation of tenders and selection of contractors.