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Project Detail

Detailed A/E Design and Supervision of School cum Library Building and Allied Works for Lincoln School, Rabi Bhawan Kathmandu, Nepal


Project Description


The Proposed School cum Library building is located within the premises of Lincoln School at Rabi Bhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal. The Proposed building is 3 – storey high with a plinth area of 790 sqm and a total floor area of 2390 sqm. The building is designed to incorporate certain features of green building technology such as: maximum use of natural light, ventilation and solar panels to reduce energy consumption; utilization of ran water harvesting system to minimize municipal water consumption; use of cavity wall and energy efficient glasses in doors/ windows to maintain thermal comfort and reduce energy/ electricity consumption in the building; use of recycled building materials wherever possible; and use of eco-friendly flooring materials to maintain indoor environmental quality. The concept of green roof is also applied to reduce local heat island effect. The structure design of the building considers earthquake resistant technology.