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Project Detail

Detailed Engineering Survey, Design and Construction Supervision, Institutional Support of Zoonoses Control Project, Animal Health Component


Project Description

Procurement Management: There were 144 Packages of procurement plan. Financial Management: The total expenditure disbursed for ZCP was US $8,455,233.51(Goods: 2489007.96; Works:1005253;Consultancy: 1848442.32; Training: 1104340.61; Cash compensation: 1004133.26; Operational cost: 1004056.35. The Overall financial performance of ZCP was 85%. Institutional Development: There were total 44 contracts under the works category where provided planning, design and supervision of the civil construction and refurbishment of 14 districts. Capacity Building, Delivery and Dissemination Management: There were 24000 and 1000 (PAF group members) People target was stipulated in the project. Communication Management: All Communication materials (leaflets, posters and pamphlets) and training toolkits were developed and finalized with the approval authority and were printed and distributed. Monitoring and Evaluation Management: The activities related with monitoring and evaluation enlisted in PDA document and approval Annual program Budgets was 535. A total of 725 visits/ times/ man months were completed during this reporting period as against project target. Environmental and Social Safeguard Management:Mechanical work management: Information Technology Work Management